Sending Love on the 4th of July

It will be a much more subdued 4th of July than we are used to. Covid-19 has upended a lot of plans here and around the world and it’s rearing its ugly head again with a slow rise in cases in coastal communities. If you don’t have to travel this weekend, please stay close to home. If you are visiting us at the beach remember to avoid large crowds, bring groceries to cook at your house or order take-out, and enjoy a good book and some wine in your hotel room or rental. Pack your face mask, they are required in Manzanita.
Just because there won’t be a parade, don’t forget the countless reasons to celebrate this nation and one another on Independence Day: good health, loved ones, acts of kindness towards one another. We are blessed to have visitors who care about this place as much as we do.
As always, keep your hearts full and stay safe!