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Smyth McIntosh provides counsel to members of the business community in Manzanita and North Tillamook County, and is addressing estate planning needs for those who have retired to the area. Sarah is on the board of the Manzanita Business Alliance and active in the North Tillamook Rotary Club. Having seen both sides – borrower from a regional bank, legal counsel for a community bank – Sarah is particularly skilled at understanding and meeting the banking, property and related needs of Smyth McIntosh and Law Manzanita clients.

In addition to heading the law practice she founded, Sarah is owner and developer of Smyth Landing, a 54,000-square foot, mixed-use office-condominium complex that exemplifies the future of the state capital’s West Bay area. Through a sub-area “urban waterfront” plan, shoreline enhancement and public access to the waterfront will be emphasized through mixed-use developments that incorporate parks and trails for the community.

Smyth McIntosh earned her B.A. degree from the University of Washington in 1982 and her J.D. degree from Seattle University (formerly University of Puget Sound School of Law) in 1985. She began practicing law in 1986.

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