Big Wave Cafe


The food at the Big Wave Café is fresh, simple and prepared with respect. For me, food is about family, feelings and emotions, and so is the Big Wave Café. That is why it is just not a restaurant. The Big Wave isn’t a place to get away; it is a place to get together.

The Big Wave will re-open under new ownership on March 21, 2021.

The Clearys moved to the Oregon coast about 15 years ago.  They took over the Local Grill & Scoop in Cannon Beach at that time.  “We have already learned a great deal from Brian, Carol and Sam and we plan to continue what they started and hopefully we will do it justice,” said David. “We’re excited to be in Manzanita, we love this town,” enthused Jennifer. “The people we have met so far have been super friendly.”

The Clearys’ plan to provide their customers with the same attention to ingredients, preparation and atmosphere cultivated by the, previous owners, the Williams family.

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