Go Car Free

Save money, save gas. Bring your bike!

the wave 1Take The Wave bus from Portland, Salem and Corvallis. Travel north and south on Highway 101. Manzanita is a walkable town, right on the beach.

The Wave Bus – Tillamook Transportation District

NW connectorDirect to Tillamook, and then up and down Highway 101, with stops between Cannon Beach and Lincoln City. Check out the interactive map from NW Connector.

View the schedule from Portland; catch the bus at the Union Train Station.

Download the full schedule. Plan your car-free trip: English  Spanish

Bus Fare

  • Adult fares: $15 one way; $20 round trip.
  • First child (ages 0-4) ride free.
  • Additional child (ages 0-4) half-fare
  • Children (ages 5-11) half-fare.

Caring for our Coast

Take the Tillamook Coast Pledge

While visiting our coast, we ask you to consider taking our pledge of Caring for Our Coast. Download it, keep it in your backpack, and feel free to remind others to take the Pledge along with you.

  1. I promise to be respectful of people and safety when enjoying the Tillamook Coast’s forests, farmlands and beaches.
  2. I will make my own memories, but not my own trails.
  3. I will be responsible with fire on the beaches, in campgrounds, and any other designated fire areas.
  4. I will heed cautionary signage. If it says “Do not go past this point!” – I won’t. Double pinkie promise on this one.
  5. I will enjoy the slower pace of beach life.
  6. If I cannot find a parking spot, I will not invent my own. Same goes for restrooms.
  7. When playing at the beach, I will be mindful of sneaker waves and logs. I will NEVER turn my back on the ocean. Ever.
  8. I will PACK IN reusable containers and PACK OUT all of my trash.
  9. I will respect wildlife by managing my own pet(s), and not disturb any native plants or animals.
  10. I will use my turn signal often, my car horn seldom, and my middle finger never.
  11. I pledge to always care for our coast.

A legacy of environmental stewardship is what it means to be an Oregonian.

On the Tillamook Coast, we’ve cared for our forests, farmlands, beaches and waterways for generations. It’s in our DNA, and we bet it’s in yours, too.

We welcome your visit, and we hope you’ll become a temporary local while here. Take part in activities that help you get to know our culture. Go on science hikes, learn about nature preserves and marine reserves, visit a farm or a commercial fishing dock, stop by a fish hatchery and find out what we’re doing to save wild salmon. Or take a guided kayak tour and hear about the efforts to protect our bays and rivers. You might even pitch in as a volunteer on a beach cleanup.

While visiting, help us care for our coast. Please place trash in garbage cans, pick up after your pet, stay on trails, respect private property, follow beach fire rules (extinguish fires with water), and never turn your back on the ocean (sneaker waves and rip currents happen occasionally).

We want you to stay safe, have fun, create wonderful memories, and visit us again.

Tillamook Coast Pledge

Outdoor Mobility

Schedule a beach wheelchair for your next visit to the Tillamook Coast

If mobility issues are keeping you from enjoying our beaches, we can help. There are beach wheelchairs available for use in three popular towns on the Tillamook Coast: Manzanita, Rockaway Beach and Pacific City.

There is no fee to use, but we strongly recommend you contact the following to reserve a beach wheelchair:

  • In Manzanita, contact the Manzanita Visitors Center: 503-812-5510
  • In Rockaway Beach, contact Troxel’s Gem and Jewelry Store: Call or text 541-418-2842 or email rockawayrocks@gmail.com
  • In Pacific City, contact Inn at Cape Kiwanda: https://www.innatcapekiwanda.com/beach-wheelchairs/
  • At Nehalem Bay State Park: 503-812-0650 Ext. 20, or stop by the park ranger station
  • At Cape Lookout State Park: 503-842-3182 Ext. 221 or stop by the park ranger station
  • At Barview Jetty County Campground: 503-322-3522 or stop by the campground entry station

As we get funding, we’ll be adding other mobility equipment to help more people enjoy outdoor recreation.

Tsunami Evacuation

Public Safety in Case of Strong Earthquake and Tsunami

Low-lying areas on the Oregon Coast, including our town of Manzanita, is in a tsunami evacuation zone. If a strong earthquake occurs, a tsunami could reach the shore within minutes.

It is very important to move immediately to high ground outside of the zone.

1. Use this Tsunami Evacuation Website Link to locate the quickest route to safety.

2.You can also download this map for more instructions.

3.Look for blue signage similar to these two signs, either on posts or on the street.

4.You can also stop by the Manzanita Visitors Center for a tsunami brochure. The Visitors Center is at 31 Laneda Ave. (one block from the beach)

The evacuation assembly area is at Underhill Plaza at 635 Manzanita Avenue (two blocks north of Laneda Ave.)

Be prepared! Helpful links for your visit to the Oregon Coast

Oregon Tsunami Information – maps and information from the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI)

Website: https://www.oregongeology.org/tsuclearinghouse/residents.htm

Nanoos Tsunami Evacuation Map

Android:  Google Play to Nanoos Tsunami Evacuation app

Apple Store:  Nanoos Tsunami Evacuation app

Website:  http://nvs.nanoos.org/TsunamiEvac