Polar Plunge 2020

You get bragging rights only if you do the MANZANITA POLAR PLUNGE!!

It’s that time of year again to shed your inhibitions, fears and some common sense!
When: New Year’s Day 2020
Location: Neahkahnie Beach (one mile north of downtown Manzanita, last area you can park, past 3 way stop sign. There is parking in the neighborhoods around the plunge.
Time: 11:00am is about the time we plunge but it is a good idea to get there early.
All ages and species are welcome and encouraged!
Janice’s Polar Plunge Requests:
None of this you have to do but “may I suggest?”: #1-Group photo prior to plunge; be there on time so we don’t have to freeze our tuckus off while you are yelling “wait for me!” #2-plunge attire is something covering your private parts as I am sure they look great, but this is a family event. #3- count down for the run into the water and #4-full head dive (not really mandatory but a good idea if you ask me). #5-Please do not stay in the water very long, it’s not a smart thing to do!
Post Event: There will be big wonderful fire and if you want to bring some goodies and hang out that is always fun!
Why??? For NO reason, NO cause or NO explanation except:
” if you never have you should, these things are fun and fun is good!”

Polar Plunge

Reward: A very large smile!
Questions: 503.368.4777

spa manzanita nor Janice (the crazy person who thought this was a good idea many years ago), is responsible for your safety during, before or after the Polar Plunge, but we do care about you!