Kick Up Your Heels At The Holiday Dance

Come dance off that Thanksgiving dinner with the cool sounds of local legends Rhythm Method, Saturday, November 24 from 4 pm to 7 pm at Pine Grove Community House.
Light refreshments provided.
This is a FREE event, but donations of canned food items are being accepted at the door to benefit North County Food Bank.
Presented by Manzanita Visitors Center, graciously sponsored by Pine Grove Community House

About Rhythm Method: Michael and Gary had been playing guitar together for a few years, mainly blues and rock and roll and via the blues a touch of jazz.
Craig came in on djembe wanting to play backup and a little ambient percussion.
It was fine, and one day more drummers arrived; Anthony on djembe and Mark Reny on dun duns. We were still in the mode of drums providing a “backup” for the guitars.

And then an amazing insight occurred! Someone offered up the idea that it would be interesting for the drummers to start with an African rhythm with the guitars finding their way in. That was the true start of Rhythm Method.

Our first gig was at the Nehalem Beehive at 35840 7th Street, and ever since we’ve practiced outdoors there on warm days. As we’ve become known as the local “jam band” we’ve had many great musicians sit in with us, especially local trumpet players Scott Wagner and Bob LaTorre.

Mickey joined us on washboard and soon added the whole drum kit. For a while Rex Harder played washtub bass, followed by Harold Vines on electric bass. Mark Wagner joined us on bass in 2017.

We now trade off between the drummers starting an African rhythm and the guitars starting an “American” rhythm – but it’s really all African – right?
Our main mission is to have fun – learn and grow together – seeking a sound which is healing, astral, and transcendent – and danceable!!!