Illegal Fireworks & The 4th Of July

There will be no official fireworks display in Manzanita in 2019. While we want everyone to enjoy the Fourth of July, we are asking for your help in curbing the use of personal fireworks, especially with such a dry summer predicted.
Each year in the United States, we celebrate the Fourth of July with community parades, picnics, barbecues, and fireworks – the things of which happy memories are made.
But sadly, Independence Day also includes tragic events and injuries resulting from illegal fireworks use and is both traumatizing and harmful to children, animals, and a growing number of war veterans who deserve our consideration the most.
Completely aside from the danger (both legal and personal) of exploding illegal fireworks, there’s a huge risk of fire and property damage. In Manzanita’s case – with our lovely stretch of beach – there are also the ecological ramifications to consider, including air and water pollution. Debris from fireworks does not simply “disappear” when the tide comes in!
Under Oregon law, officials may seize illegal fireworks fining offenders up to $1000 per violation including possession of illegal fireworks and endangering life and property. Offenders may also be arrested. Any fireworks causing damage or misuse of fireworks carries a liability for the offender, who may be required to pay for resulting fire or other damage. Parents are liable for fireworks-caused damage by their children. Costs may include assessed fines as well as the cost of suppressing fireworks-caused fires, a very real danger during the dry summer months.
Manzanita is known as a place to relax and enjoy the tranquility of the beach and ocean and the Fourth of July is no exception. While we hope you enjoy our licensed legal display, we ask you refrain from the use of illegal fireworks leading up to, during and after the Fourth of July
Be considerate, be safe!