Getting To Know You: Oregon Beach Experiences

Looking for a unique way to experience Manzanita? Try the variety of adventures crafted by Carolyn Greenwood at Oregon Beach Experiences. As a fifth generation Oregonian, Carolyn grew up exploring the beautiful local forests and beaches while learning the history and stories of Manzanita and the surrounding community. She now resides in Nehalem and works as a wedding officiant and tour guide, offering authentic educational experiences for visitors from near and far. These options are not your typical run-of-the-mill tour from a map or worksheet – they are fun and creative experiences that encourage you to get out, move, and experience the Northern Oregon Coast like a real local.

Visitors can choose from four different adventure experiences. For families and groups, the Pirate Treasure Hunt in Manzanita and Discover Manzanita Scavenger Hunt come highly recommended. The personal healing route is also wildly popular and includes either a SoulCollageⓇ at the Beach or Create Your Own Ceremony in the Rainforest option. Your four choices range from 1.5 – 2.5 hours in time, each packed with insightful learning and fun. These choices provide an opportunity to explore the coast while also learning more about yourself and your loved ones. There’s an excursion for everyone and every need!

Choose Your Adventure

The Pirate Treasure Hunt in Manzanita is a hot ticket item for families with little ones who are seeking a thrilling, but not overly time-consuming option. The Pirate Treasure Hunt is about sharing (and acting out!) the story of the legendary buried treasure on Neahkahnie Mountain. Bring your sandals because this beach adventure will knock your socks off! Guests will begin on the boardwalk and begin their search for the Neahkahnie treasure! From searching for landmarks, to discovering clues, to completing challenges, the inner child in every adult will rise to the surface. You never know what surprises ARGH! in store for you and your group!

Find all of the hidden gems this North Oregon Coastal town offers when you embark on the Discover Manzanita Scavenger Hunt. Just two hours from Portland, you will discover the rich history of Manzanita, meet locals, discover locally owned shops, and find yourself laughing and forging new friendships for 1.5 hours up and down Laneda Avenue on the main strip of town. Bring your group of friends or come alone and make new ones!

Connect with your own personal story by doing some self-reflection. With 5-star reviews from past guests, the SoulCollageⓇ at the Beach option is crafted to help you process life’s questions and find a deeper meaning in your own life. SoulCollageⓇ is a process for creating beautiful imagery at the Storymaker House, Carolyn’s home studio, where you will begin to learn the intuitive process putting a visual representation to your deepest feelings and emotions. Once the cards are created, the group will convene for a reflection process that adds a voice to the SoulCollageⓇ card you created. This fun and creative process will awaken you with its multiple layers of creativity and self-awareness. No crafting experience is required for this process, so come one – come all!

Another option for self-reflection and pursuing inner peace is to Create Your Own Ceremony in the Rainforest. Carolyn, an educated and certified Life-Cycle Celebrant®, is skilled in the art of creating and performing ceremonies to commemorate your life’s most intimate and special milestones. A ceremony allows us to acknowledge the transitions of life, including growth and changes. Throughout this experience, guests will be educated on the elements of a ceremony and how to properly honor and commemorate their unique story. Whether it be a transition, a new beginning, the ending of a relationship, the conclusion of a significant life chapter, etc., Carolyn can help everyone cater the perfect ceremony experience. Meet in Nehalem on Oregon’s Coast and drive to a coastal temperate rainforest. After a little hike, guests settle in creek-side and begin the ceremony learning process. From there, you have the freedom to choose from the magical and mythical places where you can create your own ceremony in the forest! This is another 5-star reviewed experience that guests rave about.

Whether you are looking for fun for the whole family, travelling solo and looking to make new friends, are looking for personal growth and alone time, or want to be crafty, Carolyn at Oregon Beach Experiences has an option to meet your needs. Every option has the ability to be slightly altered for your special occasion whether it be a birthday party, group retreat, bachelorette party, etc. Every experience will encourage you to go outside of your comfort zone while exploring Manzanita and the surrounding area! The options are limitless when you book with Carolyn!

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