Getting To Know You: Manzanita Writer’s Series

For those who love the written word, you’re in luck: Hoffman Center For The Arts is home to the popular Manzanita Writer’s Series.
The Writer’s Series, which turns 10 in November 2018, is a rich, layered program that offers a plethora of literary choices: readings and lectures by prominent authors, writing classes on a variety of subjects, open mic opportunities and workshops.

If you want to practice your writing but can’t make it to Manzanita, don’t worry. In 2017, the Writer’s Series took the leap into digital learning when they debuted their online learning system with published authors Megan Kruse and Jennie Shortridge serving as instructors.
But the bread and butter of the Writer’s Series is the many authors that visit to teach specialized workshops, discuss their new books or both.
The 2018 schedule features a host of well-known authors: Deborah Reed kicked off the schedule January 20 with her latest novel, “The Days When Birds Come Back.” Other authors and books for this year’s evening events include Nicole J. Georges,”Fetch” (Feb. 17); Omar El Akkad, “American War” (March 17); Rene Denfeld, “The Child Finder” (May 19); and Peter Rock, “Spells” (Sep. 15).

Is that novel you’ve talked about forever still sitting back burner or hidden in a drawer? Are you well along in the process but stuck, not really sure how to proceed? Or do you have a lot of bits and pieces started without a clue of how to move forward?
Deborah Reed, the author of six novels, will offer a ten-week novel writing workshop, beginning March 21, 2018. The class will meet every Wednesday evening from 7-9 pm.
That’s the beauty of the Manzanita Writer’s Series programs. They unlock pieces of you that you may not even know you possessed and encourage you to unleash them on the world.
So the next time you struggle with self-confidence or writer’s block, the best antidote is to be around people who seek to create something; with the Manzanita Writer’s Series, you won’t lack for inspiration.
Hoffman Center For The Arts is located at 594 Laneda Avenue in Manzanita. For information on upcoming MWS schedule or to register for a class, visit