Getting To Know You: Manzanita Mudd Dogs

Nothing says summer like a delicious hot dog with all the fixings. And nothing says summer in Manzanita more than a heaping helping of Manzanita Mudd Dog! Longtime residents Jim and Lynn Mudd serve up some of the area’s best hot dogs from a stand outside their Laneda Avenue home. They have all the ingredients that make a quintessential Chicago Dog: Vienna beef dogs, poppie seed buns, spicy peppers, a variety of mustards, green relish, onions, celery salt and much, much more! The best part of this deliciousness? It’s all for a great local cause!

Entering its 15th year of service at 60 Laneda Avenue, Manzanita Mudd Dogs serves up more than your typical summer hot dogs – all sales go towards supporting the Mudd Nick Foundation’s many programs designed for the youth of North Tillamook County.

The Mudd Nick Foundation’s mission is to broaden the horizons of deserving children in greater Nehalem Bay and North Tillamook County. They provide life expanding opportunities for targeted children in elementary, middle and high school, and children with special needs through special non‐school sponsored experiences away from home.

Their programs are designed to teach children the fundamentals of lifelong stellar citizenship by encouraging them to be responsible for their individual actions, respect themselves and others, maintain high integrity, exhibit socially accepted behaviors, expand their life experiences, minds and curiosities.

So next time you’re in Manzanita, stop by the Mudd Dog cart and treat yourself. You’ll be fulfilling that summer hot dog craving and supporting a great local cause!
Manzanita Mudd Dog is open Tuesday thru Sunday, 11:30 am to 4 pm, Memorial Weekend thru Labor Day Weekend.
To learn more about the Mudd Nick Foundation, visit their website