Getting to know you: Manzanita Lumber Co.

Located on the corner of 101 and Laneda, Manzanita Lumber Co. has been welcoming visitors to town since the 1940’s. The large sign you see painted on the front of the building is original and somewhere from 60-70 years old.

While once the northern satellite store for a lumber mill in Tillamook, it has been an independent, family owned and operated business for 55 years. Frank Stephens bought and ran the store until he brought on his son Dave as a partner during the early 80’s. Together they ran it until Frank’s passing in 2016 and Dave’s daughter Breanna came on board that same year. The family has been fortunate to have a great staff over the years including a few long-time crew members and more family.

A hub for locals and visitors alike, they pride themselves on customer service and giving back to the community. When you come in the door you will always be greeted with a smile and a genuine attempt to help you with whatever you need that day. Local support is huge for their business and vital for the community. The contractor base and regulars know that MLC gets what they do and the relationships built over the years are highly valued.

A wide variety of items and services are offered to support all sorts of home needs. Whether you’re building a home from the ground up, remodeling that back deck, replacing a leaking window, or updating your paint choices, they’ve got you covered. Not to mention all of the hardware and DIY materials you might need. If by chance what you’re looking for isn’t in stock, most likely it can be brought in shortly. They stock a selection of high-grade cedar and lumber ready for your next project!
Manzanita Lumber Co. is open six days a week, Monday thru Saturday. Give them a call at (503).368.5337 let them help you get your next project off the ground!

Content provide by Breanna Stephens