Getting To Know You: Lower Nehalem Community Trust

The Lower Nehalem Community Trust (LNCT) is a member supported, nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation and restoration of natural lands. Our mission is simple: To preserve land and nurture conservation values in partnership with an engaged community in the Nehalem region of the Oregon Coast. We work to protect the scenic vistas, sparkling rivers and bays, and dense forests that define the northern coast of Oregon. Together, we have an opportunity to shape the landscape for the next millennium.

We envision a world where we live within a thriving ecosystem that includes clean water, healthy forests, habitat for diverse species of wildlife, and a strong connection between people and place. We also see LNCT as a professionally managed, board governed organization with a welcoming spirit. Our programs are driven by our conservation values, strong community involvement, and engaged committees that share the work and guide the leadership.

The Lower Nehalem Community Trust believes that our community is the heart of our conservation efforts. We practice respect, accountability, integrity, commitment, learning and cooperation in all that we do. Our work is guided by the following conservation values: respect for all species, recognition that nature and natural systems sustain all life, responsibility for human impact on nature, living in harmony/balance with nature, understanding the place in which we live, learning as a process, species diversity, clean water, healthy habitats and resilient ecosystems.

We all have a role to play in preserving our natural heritage — and there are a variety of ways you can support the Lower Nehalem Community Trust.
Community support has already made as significant difference in the level of protection of the estuary and community awareness of our conservation needs. Our programs, whether they be acquisition of additional land, land stewardship, educational offerings, the community garden or community events are based on community contributions of time and money. Please join us in the preservation and stewardship of natural areas in this very special place.
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