Getting To Know You: Cosmic Healing NW

New Year got you down? Not feeling your best self, energy low, need to relieve some stress, and just relax? Do you have chronic pain
conditions, like RA, Fibromyalgia, or Lupus? Maybe you just aren’t sleeping well, you can’t get your “monkey mind” to calm. Christy Kay at Cosmic Healing NW has your back!
Christy is a Usui Reiki and Crystal Reiki Master, as well as an Advanced Healing Practitioner(ACP), Certified Sound Healer, and Medical Intuitive. She started Cosmic Healing NW with a mission to facilitate healing on a deep energetic, soul level to help you move your life forward. After spending most of her life trying to heal from chronic illness, and then a terrible car accident, Christy has a wealth of knowledge to share.
A car accident left her with a broken back, a brain injury, and PTSD. When the regular, alopathic treatments were not helping, she fell back upon her energetic healing training and was able to not only heal from the accident but from other long time chronic illness.
Using her skills and gifts, Christy is able to look at your whole body (physical, spiritual, emotional, auric) and see what is off balance, what action steps you can take, and how to get back to your best self so you can actually RISE to meet your life, and not feel dragged down by it.
She is about to celebrate 3 years in her office at 60 Laneda Ave Suite 203 in Manzanita and wants to meet you!
Here are some recent reviews:
 – “I have had several sessions with Christy and I highly recommend her as an incredibly gifted healer and intuitive.”
 – “Cosmic Healing NW is a gift to individuals who have tried other traditional and nontraditional methods of healing and literally given
up. The healing I have experienced since seeing Christy can only be described as phenomenal”
 – “I have been receiving treatments with Christy since October 2019. This has been my first experience with energy
healing. I have experienced an exceptional improvement to my well being. I would highly recommend her.”
Call and make an appointment today at (503) 800-1092