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Founded in 2013, the Pioneer is a free-to-read, online news source focused on Tillamook County, from Cape Falcon to Cascade Head. The Pioneer provides a connection for our communities, bringing the power of technology and digital media to the people and stories of the county every day, available to everyone.

In some ways, Tillamook County exists at a slower pace than many other parts of the world, but in other ways ours is a community of innovative thinkers with strong backbones who want to know what they need to know quickly and efficiently. With that in mind, we believe our friends and neighbors deserve easy access to local news. The Pioneer has evolved to become truly the community’s newspaper. It has become the community’s go-to media; the kind of news media that’s missing in most of the rest of the country – first of all, local, and most importantly, providing honest, truthful reporting.

We utilize many local contributors from north to south to provide many voices and complete coverage of Tillamook County. The Pioneer continues to be the “most-read” news source in the County and a valuable part of any marketing. There is so much happening in Tillamook County and the Pioneer is the trusted, reliable source for news.

The Pioneer is here to serve you. If you have any thoughts or would like to contribute to the Pioneer in some way, story ideas, photos, blogging, sharing social media, starting a discussion, or anything else – please get in touch.

Partners: Laura Swanson, editor and Kelly Benson, founder

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