Manzanita Golf Course

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In the 1960’s, Laneda Corporation sold a large tract of land south of Manzanita to Ted Erickson. Although not a golfer himself, Erickson began developing a 9-hole golf course on the land in the 1970’s. The course opened to the public in 1987. The original announcement for the opening proclaimed it “The Best Kept Golf Course On The Oregon Coast!”

Ted, along with son Steve, made the project a labor of love every step of the way. Soon, the sale of lots surrounding the course was completed, bringing homeowners access to the course just steps away.

Popularity of the new venture drew interest from the public well before its completion and it has been a popular recreational destination and local asset since opening day.

Why do local and visiting golfers enjoy playing the course? There are several reasons:
– It is painstakingly maintained year-round
– The course has numerous spectacular views of our beautiful area.
– It has been said the par 4 holes are too tough and the par 3 holes too easy. Actually, very few golfers have been consistently able to break par; thus, they keep coming back!
– Because it is a 9-hole course many like to play a round of golf withing two hours or less, leaving plenty of time for fishing, site-seeing, and beach-walking.
– It is a walking course only, which attracts people that enjoy the exercise.
– The course is playable year-round because the sand base absorbs rain water.
– The course is an asset to the entire business community of North Tillamook County. TWO annual golf tournaments, The Gene Schmuck Foundation and The Mudd-Nick Foundation, have been responsible for raising over two and a quarter million dollars for multiple North County charaties. These include college scholarships for Neahkahnie High School students, the area Food Bank and other life-enriching opportunities for grade school, middle school, and non-school experiences.
– Last, but not least, the Manzanita Golf Course is responsible for a substantial amount of city and county property tax monies.

So don’t wait – set up your tee time at the Manzanita Golf Course today!

Courtesy of Manzanita resident and avid golfer D. Owen Nicholson

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