Coastal Fire Warnings

We have fires burning about 30 minutes south of us near Bay City and 90 minutes south in Lincoln City. Crews are hard at work trying to contain them. While the Manzanita is in no current danger, conditions remain very hot, dry and susceptible to fire. Read the message below from Tillamook Coast Visitors Association if you are making travel plans to the North Oregon Coast:

With wind-driven fires, forests closed, skies filled with smoke, and areas under evacuation, the Tillamook Coast Visitors Association (TCVA) asks for the public’s help by postponing trips to Tillamook County until fires are fully contained.
“Our emergency services teams are all focused on fire containment getting people to safety,” said Nan Devlin, executive director of TCVA. “We’re conserving water, and helping those who had to evacuate their homes and stay in emergency shelters. This week, we don’t have the services to protect vacationers, too.”
Areas near Bay City and Idaville in central Tillamook County, as well as neighboring northern Lincoln County, have been evacuated. Animals are under threat, and the community has come together with trailers and trucks to move them to safer ground.
September is a popular month to visit the beach, but the combination of high heat and strong winds makes it a very dangerous time to be here.
“All forests are closed, Highway 18 near Highway 101 is closed, and several businesses have shut down in order to help support our hard-working emergency services personnel.”
Weather is expected to change by Monday. “We are hoping for some much-needed coastal rain to help dampen fires and clear the air,” said Devlin. “If you can delay your visit by a few days, it will be much appreciated.”
To stay up on latest news on fire and safety conditions, follow the Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page at