Buy A Gift Certificate From Your Favorite Local Business

These are strange times and social distancing means something different for everyone. Four our merchant community, it means a dramatic slowdown in business, making this the most important time to support small businesses.

There’s still good news if you can’t make it to Manzanita, Nehalem or Wheeler for your 2020 trip. You can still support your favorite local business! Call them up or get on their website and buy a gift certificate from your favorite shop, restaurant or hotel for your next visit. Give it as a birthday gift, use it as a stocking-stuffer, or save it to treat yourself later.

These are our friends and neighbors who donate to local charities, coach youth sports teams and sponsor local events. They need our support now more than ever. Buying a gift certificate is a very immediate and personal way you can help our merchants navigate through this slow time.

If you need the contact info of a particular business, contact the Visitors Center at 

Dan Haag
Manzanita Visitors Center