Getting To Know You: Manzanita Beach Walk/Run

A wide expanse of hard-packed sand stretches from the cliffs of Neah-Kah-Nie Mountain south to Nehalem Bay Jetty. Cape Lookout to the south & Neah-Kah-Nie to the north provide a picturesque finish. Come see why so many are calling this “One of the most scenic runs in the region!”
Ask a 100 different runners why they enjoy running, and you’ll get 100 different answers: Running makes you feel healthy, you get to be outdoors, it makes you feel smarter, it increases happiness, it helps improve sleep. But there is one answer you’ll hear from all runners: the people.

Runners come from all different walks of life to get together and share their common passion. There is no better place to see that particular camaraderie on display than at the annual Manzanita Beach Run & Walk.
What began in 1990 as an informal gathering of runners has grown into a family-friendly destination event. The event runs annually in mid-July of every year and will celebrate 29 years (and counting!) in 2019. This year, the event will hit the beach on Saturday, July 13 at 8 am.
The race begins at the foot of the Laneda Avenue, that runs through the center of Manzanita, on the sandy shores of Manzanita Beach. Runners begin in a single start heading south towards Nehalem Bay Jetty.

Runners will then change course and head back north towards a picturesque finish of Neahkahnie Mountain meeting the sands of Manzanita Beach. Mile markers and volunteers on course provide direction for runners on turn-arounds as well as aid. There will be music playing to pump runners up for their event as well as snacks afterwards for runners to refuel on. Awards for top finishers as well a raffle for prizes will be held afterwards.
To learn more of to register for the event, visit the official website